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Types of Home Additions in Tacoma

Doctor Build can design and construct any type of home addition to help create more space for your guests and family members. Here are three of the main home addition projects we specialize in for Tacoma residents:


Room Additions

As the name suggests, this involves adding an extra room to increase the square footage and boost the functionality of your living space. An extra room makes a big difference in creating a comfortable living arrangement for everyone. Common rooms we add include: bedrooms, family rooms, great rooms, dining rooms, master suites, sunrooms, and more.

Bump Outs

Similar to room additions, bump outs add more space but on a smaller scale. Rather than adding an entire room, bump-outs add space to an existing room. An example is making your bedroom a little bigger so you can fit a walk-in closet. Sometimes you just need a bit more space to make life easier, in which case a bump out is the perfect option.

Second Stories

When an extra room is not enough, consider adding an entire level. Second-story additions give you several extra rooms to accommodate major life changes, giving you the freedom to move about and much more space to work with. Whether you’re planning to add a home office, gym, or game room, the possibilities are endless.

Home Addition Contractors Near Me

Selling your house and moving into a bigger one is a significant investment that many families are not prepared for. Buying a new home depends on factors outside of your control, such as the housing market, life circumstances, and perfect timing. However, as life changes and your family grows, so does your need for more room in your home.

Home additions allow you to upgrade your living space without needing to uproot your family and lifestyle. You can enjoy the home and neighborhood you live in while accommodating your need for more space. If you find that you’re starting to outgrow your Tacoma home but don’t want to move, a home addition might be just what you need.

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The Home Addition Process At Property Doctors

Our Tacoma home addition contractors follow a proven process to complete all home addition projects successfully.


Planning Phase:

Before we begin, our team creates a plan of action that aligns with your goals and expectations of the home addition project.

Design Phase:

We then share a detailed design of your future home addition and ensure you understand exactly what to expect from start to finish. This is also when we gather the necessary permits.

Customization Phase:

We help you decide on things like furnishing, fixtures, cabinetry, appliances, flooring, and other materials for your home addition.

Construction Phase:

When all your materials and designs are sorted out, we begin constructing your new home addition in Tacoma.

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If you want to add more space without moving to a bigger place, a home addition could be the answer you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to Doctor Build today.